You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to volunteer… 

At the 3rd our team are made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds from Engineers to Teachers, from the brand new give it a goers to our long timers with a wealth of experience and knowledge and everyone in-between!

If you think you have some skills that you would like to share with the next generation of decision makers, innovators and everyday heroes then contact us.

All of our Adult volunteers are required to pass a DBS check and those who help in our sections will need to complete mandatory training that will help you to be the best leaders you can be!

Our Scout Group needs you!

We are a very active Scout Group across all 3 of our sections – but the number and type of activities we can offer is always limited by the adults that are available to assist!
Scouting offers a very flexible approach to volunteering and could include:

  • A ‘one-off’ occasion to help with a particular event or share a skill (which is also a good chance to see if you like it)
  • Occasional help on week-day meeting nights (e.g. once a month)
  • Helping on a camp or day activity (when you have some spare time)
  • Helping with transport to / from an event You’d just need to complete an on-line (free) DBS Check for these, you wouldn’t be committed to regular meetings.

If you’d like to get more involved you could become a Leader and wear uniform (with full training provided) options are still flexible, examples might include:

  • Helping (or becoming a ‘Skills Instructor’) with a particular activity or badge
  • Helping to lead the Troop at meetings – though you don’t have to commit to every week (just when time or work shifts allow)
  • Helping to organise camps and other events

Nothing quite compares when it comes to seeing our Scouters develop the key skills they need to lead successful lives. All of this is done through the hard work (but often exciting) of our team of volunteers! when we take our Scouts away for a week of camping it’s the leader’s supervision that allows them to lead and assist their patrols. When our Beavers receive a visit from a local farmer, it’s the leaders creative thinking that allows our Beavers a fantastic opportunity to expand their knowledge of where our food comes from.

Our fantastic programme would not be possible without volunteers, so why not give it a go? To find out more, just go to the Join us page (without any commitment) and we’ll get in touch with you for an informal chat to work out a role that you’re completely comfortable with.


We don’t just need people to help with our sections, because we own our fantastic facilities we also need to maintain them. There are a wide range of jobs that we would like help with on a voluntary basis. If you can fill any one of these jobs it helps to take one more task off of our leaders plates allowing us to have even more time to plan exciting adventure for our Scouters.


We aren’t after Alan Titchmarsh, if you can swing a strimmer and cut back hedges whenever you’re free then we would really appreciate the help. This can be done whenever you’re available. We have plenty of equipment to make the work easier and the kettle will be in easy reach!


We are also after volunteers to assist with completing maintenance on site when it is required, these jobs can vary from changing bulbs/outdoor lamps to fixing leaky roofs. So if you are confident up a ladder and with some tools then this could be for you. All of these task allow our sections to meet in consistently fantastic facilities for years to come!

Minibus driver/ maintainer:

Unfortunately for us we have such a varied leadership team it means that we are slowly running out of drivers for our minibus, which requires a D1 license. So if you are fortunate enough to have passed you driving test before 1997 then you will be able to drive our Minibus, In order to provide such a fantastic programme like ours we rely on the ability to use our Minibus. If you are happy to join us on our fantastic adventures and are happy to take us there then please get in touch, we will arrange the rest with you.

If you know your way around vehicles we would appreciate your help with giving our minibus a look over and to keep it in good working order.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls